Plus Manufacturing, Inc. is located in
Spokane, Washington, in the
Great Northwest.
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How Safe are Your Cleaning Products?

This photograph is for
illustrative purposes only. It is not recommended that babies be allowed to chew on any product container.

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Soap Free Cleaning Products

All of the Procyon products are powerful and yet soap free, odor free, hypo-allergenic & non-toxic.

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Customer Health, Service, and Satisfaction are our Priorities!
Plus Manufacturing, Inc. is located in Spokane, Washington, in the Great Northwest. We have been providing environmentally safe, quality products that work, for over 30 years. We apply this experience to our customers' needs. Our commitment to the cleaning industry and the impact of cleaning chemicals on the environment has been strong and steadfast.

We believe that we have an obligation to protect the health of the people, and are aware of our responsibility to our industry, that is why we have maintained the highest level of quality and safety in all of our products. We are committed to educating the public in proper, safe, and efficient cleaning methods, so that the public health as well as our environment may be maintained and improved.

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